La Femme 2015 – English version

Artists Therése Rosier, corsetier Riwaa Nerona are inviting you to a unique event celebrating women’s beauty and refinement!

The event will be held in the same place as last year, in Kotelna private club. We are pleased to inform you, that the club is able to hold up to 300 persons, therefore this is the event you have been waiting for!

You can look forward to our beloved Riwaa Nerona‚s latest and so far biggest fashion show! The show will be cut into several parts focused on dresses, corsets, lingerie and of course our gorgeous models. We will introduce them to you very soon, one by one. The show will be really unique, thanks to the great venue equipped with a stage and a catwalk!

There will be a big selling exhibition of delightful Therése Rosier, whose inspiration comes from pin-up, burlesque, vintage and retro style. This charming lady will not only please your heart with her art, but she will be modelling in some retro lingerie too.

Performance by charming burlesque dancer Lady Mousellyca, another performance by dancer Jana Marešková and airy appearance of Linda, the new muse of La Femme – project will be the event’s highlight!

Also expect big sales stand of Riwaa Nerona brand, where you can try and buy many accesories and lingerie, and another sales stand with artworks of Therése Rosier.

We are going to continuously inform you about how the exact layout of the program will be set!

Tickets are directly on sale in:


Cukrárna Alchymista​ and

Kotelna Club

for the price CZK 350,-.

since the 1th of July.

Some words for new coming people, because our frequent quests are our biggest pleasure and these words are unnecessary repetition for them.

Our party is meant for you, who desire to celebrate love, passion, seductive sensuality and our view on life. For those, for which our lifestyle is inspiration or maybe just treat for an eye.

Our events are meant for tolerant people, which define themselves by things they love, not by things they do not like at all. That is the idea working in our project.

We reserve the right to ask for leaving the party attenders, which show up aggressive – both physically or mentally. The goal of this event is to have a fun, but not on the account of others. You can leave outside an everyday life and swim into far more different one – into our world.

Please do not make any records and photos during the show, because it could make models nervous. Photos and record from the show will be made up by members of La Femme – project :) Do not worry about yours cameras – feel free to leave them at home.

If you are interested in photographing our event, please contact us so that we can communicate options and conditions of shooting, that suits visitors of our events and their comfort.

We are asking all present gentleman and ladies to be, in case of need, kind enough to release place for sitting for those, who need it. We know that writing down these words is not necessary, because our regular participants are very attentive to the needs of others. However, there are certainly those, who will attend our event for the first time and could be surprised by an offered seat.

For this event we are dare to ask you not to reserve places by the tables for permanent, but to take advantage of all places in the club where is possible to sit down. We see the empty seat through the light of opportunity to get acquainted with participants. Among us there are also less audacious people, we try to help them this way to become more familiar with these extraordinary people – with you ♥

Don’t be afraid to ask for details around La Femme project at all. We are here for you – the muses of La Femme, and in first place Riwaa and Therése alone, and many other people, who participate on our bold vision.